Our Approach

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Our Ten Step Approach to Duct Cleaning

These are the steps we take at American Clean Air:

Attach HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered particle collection unit to air duct system.
Remove and clean registers or grills on supply air ducts and return air ducts.
Insert power brushes into ducts and begin power brushing of internal surfaces.  These tools can travel many feet into the system (up to 66′).
Insert high pressure air devices to clean seam and connections.
Clean blower compartment, supply air plenum, return air plenums and coils with HEPA vacuum unit.
Replace filter.
Patch and seal service entry area in accordance to NADCA standards.
Reinstall supply and return air registers.
Return system to normal operation mode.
Discuss with homeowner any questions if needed.

Determining the Differences in Duct Cleaners Pricing

In Massachusetts, you do not have to be “licensed” to be a duct cleaner. Cheap “lead” pricing often is the marketing of a unscrupulous duct cleaner. In the industry they are called “blow and go”. They blow each register down with air and are out of the house in no time.

“It is a scam, but low pricing can often lure a customer in to a bad deal.”

The ducts behind the walls are still dirty and the air handling unit has not been touched. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the air handler or furnace MUST be cleaned in addition to all the duct surfaces to be a proper air duct cleaning.  We caution you to be aware of companies who use similar names or logos like ours that confuse the customer. American Clean Air, Inc. is our name and we guarantee our work! We are the very best!

We recommend that you check references and visit the Official BBB website for information on air duct cleaners.

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Here are some great informational videos about Air Duct Cleaning:

Duct Cleaning Video