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American Clean Air, Inc. has for years lead the way in dryer vent cleanings, updating exhaust vents to state and local code changes and re-venting problem dryer exhaust systems.

We work for individual homeowners, condominium complexes, commercial laundries, nursing homes, colleges, hospitals and many property management companies. Each exhaust system is unique and requires expertise to solve the many problems they present.

Usage determines how often a dryer vent needs cleaning. Dryers vents should be cleaned routinely. Doing this annually or even bi-annually is usually sufficient, however if your dryer is overheating or taking longer than normal to dry clothes, this may be an indication of a blockage or other problem(s) within the dryer vent exhaust.

Dryer Fires

iStock_000022292775XSmallDryer fires cause over $100,000,000 in damage every year in this country. There are approximately 15,000 fires started from problems in dryer venting. An average of twenty people lose their life each year due to these fires.

The following are links to websites with consumer information on proper dryer cleanings, fire prevention relating to dryers and proper venting explanations. We urge you to protect your family and possessions by being fully informed of the issues relating to proper maintenance and venting of dryer exhausts.

YouTube – Dryer Fire News Excerpt

Water Damage from Dryers

Most consumers never realize the damage to ceilings, walls, floors and furniture that can occur from water buildup in a dryer vent until it happens. Cleaning the dryer exhaust properly and on a regular basis will help prevent this costly event from occurring. In addition to the build up of lint that we remove from the systems, we often pull out water. The condensation extracted from the clothes being dried will pool within the exhaust vent and gradually increase from drops to cups and gallons. Once the vent cannot support the volume of water, it gives way and the water will leak out. It often travels down several stories.

Certificates of Compliance of dryer cleanings are available from American Clean Air, Inc. for insurance purposes.

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