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Residential Duct Cleaning

Our mission is to thoroughly remove the contaminate from inside the duct work. Unlike other duct cleaners, we enter the entire system from different access points. First we attach a H E P A filtered particle collection unit to the system to create a negative air flow. We gain access into the ducts via registers, trunk lines, and access panels. Using mechanical tools, brushes and scrubbers we are able to power brush all interior surfaces of the duct work.  >> Learn More

Commercial Ducts

Commercial air duct cleaning is a field with many different requirements. From Class 10,000 clean rooms, medical, dental and veterinary facilities, banks, schools, office complexes, college, dorms and  industrial  manufacturing buildings, American Clean Air, Inc. has extensive experience.

Each commercial project presents a different set of needs and we are here to help.  >> Learn More

Dryer Vent Safety

Dryer fires cause over $100,000,000 in damage every year in this country. There are approximately 15,000 fires started from problems in dryer venting.

An average of twenty people lose their life each year due to these fires. If your dryer is overheating or taking longer than normal to dry clothes, this may be an indication of a blockage or other problem(s) within the dryer vent exhaust.  >> Learn More

Ask Jeannine Doyle

Jeannine Doyle and her husband Fred have been running American Clean Air together since 1989. Jeannine is the face and spirit of the company and she is the first person you will most likely speak to when you call American Clean Air.   When you call, Jeannine will ask you a series of questions about the job at hand and in many cases she will be able to give you an estimate right over the phone.  Her expertise makes this so.  >> Ask Jeannine

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